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Great 20 ounce coffee mugs !

Check out these coffee mugs! these are on sale through 12/31/15 ---- These finally have the the size that I personally like.    only a 144 minimum !     Check out these coffee mugs!   these are on sale through 12/31/15   ----   These finally have the the [...]

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What the heck does converting text to Outlines mean?

When working in the business and dealing with client art, you’ll often hear suppliers say “we need the font outlined.” Some of you might be thinking, what does that mean?This blog is an easy explanation on what it is, and how to do it.First off, not every computer has the same fonts. When you send [...]

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New Product -- ID Cards -- two sided printing!

Perfect application is for Loyalty cards for visiting your store.

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Cancer ...You 1000 points, Cancer, Big fat zero....

Cancer loses, no matter whatBy Daryn Kagan  Of all the cliche news phrases that drive me nuts (and, trust me, there are more than a few), you can put up at the top of the list: “He lost his battle with cancer.” Please. Just stop saying this. Dear Reader, if your email to me is [...]

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The Uniform Response

SAN ANTONIO, TX, USA (I’m in a chain restaurant with my family when a group of four soldiers from the base come in. The group is very loud and rowdy, but no one wants to say anything because they’re soldiers. However, as they all order alcoholic drinks for ‘pre-gaming,’ they just get louder and rowdier. Finally, [...]

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The humble beginnings of The Heritage House

In just 2 weeks, the Heritage House will be entering our 8th year in business!   And it has certainly been a journey!.    Paula and I got the idea of our business while on vacation in Destin, Florida.  During our visit to Florida, we found a small business that had a tag line called [...]

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