Perpetual Optimism

Posted by Dr. Shawn Neyland on 4th Jan 2018

This article was sent to me from my current organization and I loved it so much I thought I would republish it.   “PERPETUAL OPTIMISM”By Ch, Col Shon Neyland, AFMC Command Chaplain“A drea … read more
Great 20 ounce  coffee mugs !

Great 20 ounce coffee mugs !

28th Jul 2015

Check out these coffee mugs! these are on sale through 12/31/15 ---- These finally have the the size that I personally like.    only a 144 minimum !     Check out these … read more

What the heck does converting text to Outlines mean?

Posted by ID PRoducts on 22nd Jul 2015

When working in the business and dealing with client art, you’ll often hear suppliers say “we need the font outlined.” Some of you might be thinking, what does that mean?This blog is an easy explanati … read more