Cancer ...You 1000 points, Cancer, Big fat zero....

Posted by Daryn Kagen on 15th Jan 2015

Cancer loses, no matter whatBy Daryn Kagan  Of all the cliche news phrases that drive me nuts (and, trust me, there are more than a few), you can put up at the top of the list: “He lost his battl … read more
The Uniform Response

The Uniform Response

Posted by Unknown ... Submitted to site Where Customers Aren't ALWAYS right.... on 9th Jul 2014

SAN ANTONIO, TX, USA (I’m in a chain restaurant with my family when a group of four soldiers from the base come in. The group is very loud and rowdy, but no one wants to say anything because they … read more

The humble beginnings of The Heritage House

Posted by Steve Jackson on 14th Feb 2014

In just 2 weeks, the Heritage House will be entering our 8th year in business!   And it has certainly been a journey!.    Paula and I got the idea of our business while on vacation in D … read more