DO NOT advertise with Yelp for Business

Posted by Steve Jackson on 8th Mar 2021

@Yelp is a classic bait and switch scam. 

Here is our backstory:

We received a call from Yelp, to offer $350.00 in free advertising, to help drive customers to our website, "especially in these trying times of COVID-19".  I agreed, and I admit they helped me get started.  The customer service person told me it would expire on a specific date (I don't remember the exact date), but I would have the option to check how much traffic improved on our site and then make a decision to move forward.  So, I just forgot about it, and waited for another call or a results document, to make that decision to move forward.   Nothing came.  No follow-up, 

Well, in Feb, 2021,  my credit card was charged over $570, without my permission.   When I called customer service, they told me that in fact, I agreed to pay up to $500.    I did not.  I would have not done that.    I told them that they were at best "bait and switch" professionals, and at worst, criminal.   

As a result, I have complained to my bank, and to our local FBI office, (My son-in-law works for the Government) about what recourse is available.  

Message me if you would like to be a part of a class-action against Yelp.   If I have enough interest, we will subpoena all business records of the company and get our money back, and more.