What the heck does converting text to Outlines mean?

Posted by ID PRoducts on 22nd Jul 2015

When working in the business and dealing with client art, you’ll often hear suppliers say “we need the font outlined.” Some of you might be thinking, what does that mean?

This blog is an easy explanation on what it is, and how to do it.

First off, not every computer has the same fonts. When you send in a vector art file, we open it up in Illustrator, our computer searches for the font (can’t find it), and then REPLACES it with some other (uglier) font. No bueno.

To avoid this hiccup, you must convert the text to outlines,which simply means; turning the text into a graphic element. It’s very simple.
Notice the “Hello.” text on the left. The blue line underneath it means the text is is still an editable typeface. To “create outlines”, simply click the text, right click then hit
create outlines. The blue line will turn into a blue outline around the text, like the image on the right. NOW it’s a graphic, yay!



One suggestion, is to save a hidden copy of the editable text in the document.
That way when you save the text as a graphic, you still have it available to edit.
This saves you a headache in the long run….trust me.

Sooo, I believe my work here is done.
I hope that this will be a helpful tool to use for your future clients.