Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon 26 oz. Large Jar Candleberry Candle

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Warm, powerfully-pleasant, almost pastry-like fragrance, duplicating the essence of Buffalo Trace's Bourbon and the oak barrels that hold the gold! Be prepared to experience the world-renowned, advanced fragrance technology of The Candleberry Candle Company who brings you a room filled with the sweeter side of this wonderful Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

Here are a few key points:  


  • Each 26 ounce candle has a single wick, that burns completely across the jar.
  • This candle comes with a brass color lid -- perfect for display in your bar area.
  • The burn time is between 140 and 160 hours !
  • These candles are made by Candleberry, for the Buffalo Trace distillery, so you receive Candleberry's consistent quality
  • Candleberry candles are "super Scented" which means their aroma permeates the entire area, even the entire home!